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Our Services

What we will do for you

Based on our professional expertise, knowledge and experience, Waumini Insurance Brokers will assist you to assess and review your insurance needs, shop for the most competitive and valuable insurance coverage and ultimately be your companion in the occurrence of a claim.

Our quote consultation services are conducted in person, online or over the phone as we seek to listen to our customers’ queries and offering the requisite professional advice towards avoiding any misunderstandings or overlooking the relevant insurance details.

We offer risk consultancy services with a clear target on these industries: Church-related Institutions, Hospitality Industry, Agriculture Sector, Manufacturing and Processing Industries, Construction Industry, Transport and Logistics Industry, Financial Institutions, County Governments and Energy Industry et cetera.

Most importantly, we offer you all these services at No Extra Cost.


Our Services Include:

  • Evaluating your needs – Evaluating your individual insurance needs and seekingthe requisite insurance quotes for you. Based on our client’s business, property or vehicle to be insured, we arrange for insurance valuation, photography and obtaining a valuation report for coverage placement.
  • Premium assessment –  Conducting a comparative assessment of insurance coverage from different insurance companies to obtain for you the best premium rates, considerate limits and friendly coverage conditions alongside assisting you in making recommendations in an unbiased manner.
  • Administrative followup –  Providing you with the administrative follow-up including the issuance of certificates of insurance, delivery of policy documents, and review of asset schedules.
  • Advice on premiums discounting –  Always seeking for avenues to discount the client’s overall premiums through the combination of various insurance types to establish a basis for premium discounting.
  • Mid-policy Advisory –  Provision of revision advice during mid-policy terms or on policy renewal in case of material changes in the insurable interest.
  • Insurance Policy Education – Ensure client’s understand their  policy by offering explanations on premium computations, insurance terms, conditions, exclusions and any other small print that might not be seemingly clear to clients.
  • Claims processing – Ensuring that the claims process is fair, transparent and speedy for a positive customer experience.