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Domestic Package

When home is where the heart is, we will help you protect what is close to your heart and what gives you the reassurance that what you own and decorate your home with is kept safe and covered in the event of damage by way fire, theft, breakages other forms of loss.

This product offers cover to the insured against loss or damage triggered by fire, burglary, earthquake, lightning , volcanic eruption, explosion,  malicious damage, riots and strikes and other allied & special perils specific to the policy. This Cover is divided into sections A – F which offer coverage as follows

Section     Description   

  1. A)                 On Residential Buildings
  2. B)                 On Contents of every description whilst situated in the house
  3. C)                 On portable valuables and jewellery, mobile phones laptops
  4. D)                 Work injury benefit act for domestic servants
  5. E)                 Owners liability
  6. F)                  Occupiers Liability