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Core Values

Core Values

Waumini Insurance Brokers is propelled by a unique set of organizational Values which are inculcated within our Code of Conduct and profound rules of Corporate Governance meant to uphold the dignity of our clientele base alongside nurturing a lasting relationship rapport. These values are; Customer Focus, Integrity, Faith, Teamwork, Family, Hard Work, Innovation & Profitability.

Customer Focus

For us, our customer is always King…

Our client’s interests prescribe the benchmark of our operations as we put ourselves in the client’s shoes during our decision making towards establishing cordial and long term relationships based on trust, confidence and loyalty. Thus, we are driven by our inherent responsibility of ensuring our customer’s internal and external satisfaction by listening to them for value delivery.


We always do what is right…

Our actions will always be bound within the confines of professional and corporate integrity meaning that we shall always conduct ourselves honestly, ethically, legally and observe morally uprightness. More so, we shall always honor our Mantra and the diversified intents of our promises to demonstrate a positive correlation between our words and ultimate actions.


We believe in the uncertain future and create anticipatory solutions for them…

As spelt out by our Brand Name, Waumini translates to “The Faithfuls” and thus Faith is absolutely inculcated to making of our decisions believing that we are created to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us.  Overly, our Beliefs shape our Core Values which conversely steer our Actions.

Teamwork & Hardwork

We nurture and develop sustainable leaders…

To ensure a common team focus on our goals, our members of staff engage in a consultative and collaborative team effort towards emphasizing the value of inter-organizational cohesion in line with our distributed responsibilities. This notion plays a vital role in maximizing on our effectiveness in all spheres of our operations with our client’s satisfaction being our ultimate goal since we are stronger as a Unit than we are as individuals.

Innovation & Profitability

We prospect for CHANGE and through innovation, we always plan for it …

Innovation is a peculiar component of Waumini Insurance Broker’s DNA.  With a pool of professional employees, WIB prides herself with adequate fountains of new ideas and cutting-edge technological concepts for fuelling modest products and services. With exquisite process management tools and exemplary employee development programs, our proactive thinking solutions are always second to none and ever rewarding through profitability.


We view family as the basic unit of the society

We honour the concept of human diversity in the society and thus always strive to tailor our product offerings to sustain positive family values through multi-faceted corporate social responsibilities.